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Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable companies, ranging from fortune 500 companies right through to newly formed startups.


About Us

For over 10-years we’ve been partnering with small to medium sized businesses to catapult their marketing outreach and spearhead their customer service efforts. When you team up with the Infotech Leads, you get the big call center infrastructure and management team, with the small, family focused environment that gets results over and over again.



Our unique approach to lead generation

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Outbound Telemarketing Services

Infotech Leads specializes in running outbound telemarketing services such as telesales, lead generation, market research and database cleansing, as well as follow-up calls generated by inbound work. Unlike other telemarketing companies, we offer a comprehensive range of services to enhance your marketing campaigns, being your all-inclusive call centre experts

Targeted, results-driven outbound telemarketing services are a swift and cost-effective way to get your corporate voice heard by key decision makers, with one fundamental goal in mind – drive up sales of your products and services.

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of our outbound telemarketing services, Infotech Leads work closely with you to identify your Unique Selling Points (USP) and then tailor each outbound telemarketing campaign so that we can maximize the potential of each sales call.


All kind of B2B marketing solutions for you

B2B Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of the most important levels in the sales funnel. Infotech Leads have successfully provided lead generation services for a variety of businesses ranging from start-ups and small business to large Fortune 500

Content Dissemination

All content needs to be shared. This is where our team helps in getting the word out via varied syndication methods to reach your target audience. We can help you promote your products and services via paid syndication, digital marketing, email marketing and tele-calling activities. Whitepaper syndication is one of our preferred offering.

Database Solutions

We offer a variety of data-related solutions to help organizations overcome the challenges of data maintenance and acquisition. Whether you’re looking for a leads list or lack the resources to keep your customer list fresh and updated, our database services give you the tools and marketing intelligence needed to identify your ideal customers and engage them effectively.

Appointment Setting

Our company is 100% focussed on increasing sales for your company and building your brand. We set face-to-face and phone appointments with key decision-makers that are interested in your products and services.

Account-Based Marketing

Turbocharge your B2B sales and increase Sales Pipeline Velocity with the power of targeted, data driven and personalised account based marketing.

Email Marketing

The Infotech team are leaders in the digital marketing space. With experience across large and small business clients, the team at Infotech really are Web Marketing Experts and it’s no different when it comes to email marketing.

Businesses we’ve helped get results

Outbound Telemarketing Services to maximize ROI

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The team at Infotech leads have consistently provided a high level of customer service. The team has always been responsive to requests for information and support and campaigns have been run effectively.

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My sales have increased since commencing with Infotech Leads, In order to survive I need to achieve sales to a level that my marketing cost amortise to 10% of sales. It would appear that we are on track to achieve that within the next 12 months, which would provide me with a sustainable net profit margin.

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Great company to work with!

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Very happy with account manager Bob. Looking forward to seeing results from campaign.

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